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Steel Fabrication, Metal Fabrication

Fabrication of sheetmetal

Fabrication of sheetmetal and light weight structures


Baker & Provan has a diverse range of steel fabrication capabilities. The metal fabrication that Baker & Provan has completed over the many years includes

- steel fabrication

- stainless steel fabrication

- aluminium fabrication

- bisalloy fabrication, and

- other exotic steel fabrications

This metal fabrication capability is applied across sheet metal, small components, large and heavy fabrication and fabrication of mechanical process equipment. Baker & Provan also has a vast range of local and European welding procedures completed for various OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) equipment to intricate welding requirements.

The welding quality and knowledge of Baker & Provan means that certain customers will only send their demanding steel fabrication and welding requirements to Baker & Provan to ensure the metal fabrication and welding is completed correctly and to specification.

Much of the steel fabrications completed are for small to heavy industry and Australian Department of Defence. Within our welding capability we offer steel fabrications completed using MIG, TIG, sub-arc and flux core for a wide range of applications. Baker & Provan’s welders are ticketed qualified welders with qualified weld procedures to Australian Standards.

Most of the metal fabrication performed by Baker & Provan is to AS 1554 from part 1 to part 5. Baker & Provan has also completed many steel fabrication jobs to American Welding Standard AWS D1-1. Baker & Provan's fabrication and welding capability means that often have welding requirements to DNV or Lloyd's register classification. This also includes welding repair of many ship components which are inspected by the appropriate Class for that vessel.

Over the years Baker & Provan metal fabrication jobs also include welding of components for the Australian Collins Class Submarines built in Australia. More recently, Baker & Provan completed steel fabrication work to ASME IX. This level of welding is used for nuclear applications where the components were delivered to Lucas Heights Nuclear Reactor.

Baker & Provan has a wide range of qualified welders to perform general metal fabrication or to the most demanding welding requirements that can be called for. Baker & Provan has 10 overhead cranes with a workshop of approximately 6,800m2 under roof. This large workshop means we have room for the small and the heavy fabrication jobs as well.

The photos in the video show some further examples of the small to large and high quality steel fabrication that Baker & Provan has completed in the past.

So please give one of our Estimators a call on 02 8801 9000 or send us an email
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Metal fabrication, medium components

Fabrication of medium sized components


Metal fabrication, nuclear applications

High quality nuclear applications


Heavy metal large fabrications

Large fabrications for heavy industry






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