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Simson hydraulic jack, 15 tonne jack

The unique Simson Compact Hydraulic
Jack 15 tonne jack.


The Simson Compact Hydraulic Jack is a unique heavy duty hydraulic jack. The Simson compact hydraulic jack ranges from 10 tonne to 150 tonnes. The Simson Compact Jack works like the typical porta power (hose system or commonly referred to “Enerpac” system) however the cylinder, pump and oil reservoir are all built into one unit within the Compact Hydraulic Jack (click here to see movie demonstration). The picture on the left shows a lightweight 15 tonne rated compact hydraulic jack that we can offer you. The range of compact heavy duty jacks that we offer come with different features such

- Lifting power from 10 to 150 tonne capacity,
- Stroke from 25mm to 75mm, and
- Solid piston, hollow piston or threaded hollow piston.
The Simson range of Compact Hydraulic Jacks
- Light weight, single person operation.
- Perfect for when working at height, on mobile equipment or elevated platforms.
- Manufactured with very high quality, avoiding ingress of dirt and dust through host and fittings and hence no more oil leaks to contaminate your work or environment.
- Critical for heavy fabrication industry in avoiding oil contamination during welding or fire risk through oil leaks.
- Works underwater (closed oil circuit) with no maintenance required on completion.
- A 3 year guarantee on workmanship and materials – No other hydraulic jack supplier comes close to such a guarantee.

The benefits of the Compact Hydraulic Jack as reported from heavy industry users are

- The compact hydraulic jack lasts around 4 to 5 times longer than other hose system (porta power) units.
- Users reduce their hydraulic jack tooling costs – both purchasing and maintenance costs.
- The Simson Hydraulic Jack is far more tolerable for handling off centre loads (due to the much higher quality material and manufacturing specifications for the cylinder and piston), where as the other brands “will spit the cylinder out” or seize and damage the internals in the Cylinder.
- The large capacity compact jacks (up to 150 tonnes) are far more portable and user friendly than a 100 tonne cylinder with hose, power pack, trolley, electricity extension lead and finding a power supply, especially if you ’re in the field or on a mine site.

These compact hydraulic jacks are proven in the European market for quality and are very competitively priced. In many cases they are substantially cheaper but more importantly represent better value for the end user than a porta power.

The Compact Heavy Duty Jack has evolved to include other compact power tools such as a compact lifting wedge and many more. The compact lifting wedge is also a very valuable tool because it only needs an 8mm gap to fit the nose in to start lifting (see Compact Power Tools).

So please contact Denis Nelley today on (08) 9417 2933 or send them an email to info@compacthydraulicjacks.com.au or sales@compacthydraulicjacks.com.au to discuss your compact hydraulic jack requirements and we hope that you too can experience the benefits of using a Simson compact hydraulic jack soon. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.


Compact hydraulic jacks

We offer porta power units as well but we
recommend Compact Hydraulic Jacks


compact jacks from 10 to 150 tonnes

Compact jacks from 10 tonnes to 150 tonnes


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