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CNC milling machine

This engineering master- piece was machined on a CNC Milling Machine (CNC Machining Centre)

Baker & Provan has many precision machines offering CNC Machining, CNC Turning, CNC Milling and large precision machining. With 12 CNC milling and turning machines, Baker & Provan is one of the largest high quality machine shops in Sydney, located in St Marys.

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CNC Horizontal borer, milling

CNC Horizontal Borer milling a forging into a spindle – 4 axis machine


If you are looking for a large CNC horizontal borer with a CNC rotary table we have 4 CNC borers and the heavy CNC turntable is rated to 30 tonnes. The range of CNC Milling includes CNC bed mills up to 10 metres in length, large lathes up to 12 metres between centres and vertical borer up to 2 metres in diameter.

Some examples of Baker & Provan large and heavy CNC machining capability are:

- CNC Floor Borer, 12 metres long and 4 metre mast, with bed rated to handle 100 tonnes. This is a high quality precision CNC Japanese machine (Nomura).

- CNC rotary table that will handle work pieces up to 30 tonnes, with a 4 metre machining height. This machine is a 6 axis CNC machine. This is a high quality precision CNC Japanese machine (Nomura).

- CNC Plano Mill has tables of over 6 metres by 3.5 metres wide. The tables have a pallet changer, with each table rated to handle 20 tonnes. This machine is a 5 axis CNC machine. This is a high quality precision CNC Japanese machine (SNK).

CNC winch drum machining

CNC Horizontal Borer – 5 axis machine - Winch Drum Machining


Most of the other CNC milling machines are 4 axis CNC milling machines.

Baker & Provan also has the capability and experience in providing small to heavy fabrication services, with a lifting capacity of a 70 tonne crane (on site) to be installed in the near future.

Another machine that is in popular demand is our large CNC Machining Centre. This precision machine has a 4 metre by 2 metre table, with table rated to 12 tonnes. This machine is ideal for machining 5 faces in a single setup.

Baker & Provan has developed a strong reputation as a high quality engineering company. Baker & Provan’s reputation is proven on being able to machine complex and intricate components. This includes the supply and machining of castings, forgings and fabrications, including materials such as stainless steel, aluminium and other alloy or exotic steels.

Large CNC horizontal milling machine

Large CNC Horizontal Milling Machine (CNC Floor Borer). 6 axis machine with heavy CNC rotary table. The large turn table is rated to 30 tonnes.

With these very large CNC machines, Baker & Provan has a unique machining capability in Australia as well as readily available capacity to assist you with your machining (and steel fabrication) needs. In support of the heavy machining capability the photos in the video represent some of the CNC milling and CNC turning machines that we have and the components that we have precision machined for various customers in industries such as mining, rail, defence, nuclear, steel, etc.

So please give one of our Estimators a call on 02 8801 9000 or send us an email to discuss your CNC machining, CNC milling, or CNC turning requirements.










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